Customer Service Manager


1. 化学または薬学の出身者

2. R&Dの経験者

3. Customer Serviceの経験者

4. 海外のR&Dスタッフと対等に議論できる程度の英語力

5. 年齢50歳くらいまで

Position Summary:

· Providing technical & scientific support to API customers

· Managing and leading Customer Service group staff

Key Responsibilities / Deliverables:

· Promoting new opportunities with customers by adjusting API characteristics to customers' needs, including physical & chemical specification

· Conveying the customer's requirements to internal R&D and BUs

· Locating gaps between the customers' demands and the performance of API's materials in customers' formulations

· Coordination of R&D to R&D dialogue in order to overcome the above gaps by direct communication between several interfaces within internal company: R&D, operational units, RA, marketing and relevant Account Managers

· Supporting Account Managers in patent issues raised by the customers

· Providing knowledge regarding the APIs' nature in order to support customers whenever issues regarding formulation are raised (chemical & polymorphic stability, dissolution etc.)

· Supporting customers including: special quality demands, PSD requirements, packaging issues, specification approval process, supply chain issues, RA issues, complaints etc.

· Manage CS team to work effectively by prioritizing every jobs

· Monitor/analyze inquiries/complaints to improve customer satisfaction

· Participating in special forums concerning Japanese customers: IL BU JP products and R&D meetings regarding special developments for JP market

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