Job Listings

JWC is currently recruiting for several leading audit firms in Japan and the US. Our clients include boutique accounting firms, 2 of the Big 4 accounting firms, regional second-tier firms, and several international and domestic audit firms. We are always interested in meeting bilingual (JPN/ENG) Japanese certified public accountants (公認会計士) to introduce new job opportunities in private practice. 

For those bilingual CPAs who are qualified in a jurisdiction other than Japan, for instance in the US or Europe, we  know of Japan and US-based opportunities and would welcome the opportunity to meet those individuals.   

Required Years of Experience: While most of our clients would like to see candidates with more than 3 years of experience for managerial level positions, there are opportunities for CPAs with less experience. On the other hand, we are very interested in meeting partner-level candidates from leading audit firms or Big 4 accounting firms with more than 1 year experience as partner. For qualified partner level candidates, we can introduce job opportunities with annual compensation ranging from 20-100 MJPY. 

In addition to opportunities with accounting firms, we can also introduce Tokyo-based job opportunities with multinational corporations and global financial institutions. 

Please feel free to inquire at with your CV or resume if you'd like to learn more about job opportunities in audit. 

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